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FAST TM - Fatigue Avoidance Scheduling Tool

FAST Can Help:

Anticipate fatigue to reduce chances of errors or a catastrophic accident, saving money, lives, and the environment.

Employees manage their sleep and nap strategies so that they are well rested when reporting for work.

Predict the effects of “jet lag” and sleep disturbances during international travel.

Select schedules for critical tasks so that employees are less likely to make errors because of fatigue.

Assess your scheduling practices across your entire workforce to determine if fatigue is a source of safety or quality concerns.

FAST Is Distinctive:

► The fatigue model - SAFTE - has the least error of any model available.

► Makes predictions in terms of accepted performance metrics , such as vigilance and lapses in attention.

FAST for Military Users:

Please visit this website to request the military version of FAST .


FAST Features:

Easy entry of proposed schedules for analysis.

Analyzes individual schedules or an entire workgroup.

Optimal scheduling based on average effectiveness for proposed work periods or specific mission critical events.

Retrospective analysis of fatigue related factors that may have contributed to an accident, error, or safety related incident.

Graphical performance predictions plus tables of estimated effectiveness scores.

Mission Timelines with waypoints, events, and sunlight to guide travel/circadian effect.

FAST has been purchased by, and is being licensed through Fatigue Science :

IBR holds exclusive licensing for the global commercial aviation industry and the North American rail industry.  Please visit this website for additional information.

All other interested commercial parties should visit this website for more information.



Description : Predict, assess and manage fatigue for your work, sleep, and critical event scenarios